Our attractive
Starter Package

Booster-Starterset: Kolloidale Metalle von Trimedea

Your booster starter set made from 99.99% pure metal

(concentration gold and silver: 10 ppm, platinum: 5 ppm)

Many metals also occur in the human body as catalytically highly active trace elements and fulfill very important functions there. Therefore:


Fill up your precious metal stores now with the low-priced booster starter set:

3 x 500 ml Colloidal Gold/Silver/Platinum
+ 1 x 100 ml spray bottle of your choice
+ 1 x 1000 ml gold or platinum – your choice
+ 40 ml measuring glass

Booster starter set: only 199 Euro
You save 80 Euro*!

What are colloidal metals and how do you take them?

Real colloidal metals are very fine metal particles that float in water and do not form a compound with the water – in contrast to ionic solutions (electrolytic production). The size of the individual particles is between 1 and 20 nanometers (1 nm = one billionth of a meter). The particles of this liquid dispersion can be produced by various manufacturing processes, which, depending on the process, have a significant influence on the properties and quality. You can learn more about the application and dosage of colloids in the FGS info portal.

*Total gross price of the bottles in retail sale