Colloidal cobalt bioavailable vitamin B12 cobalamin

Colloidal cobalt against vitamin B12 deficiency: nerve power and energy without detours

Colloidal cobalt is a true multi-talent. Bioavailable cobalt is significantly involved in many metabolic processes. Vitamin B 12 ( cobalamin) contains the trace element cobalt as its central atom. If the absorption of vitamin B12 is disturbed or impossible, this has far-reaching health consequences. Vegans, raw foodists or people with stomach or small intestine problems often have a problem absorbing sufficient amounts of vitamin B12 through food. Colloidal cobalt is therefore the best solution for many.

Benefits of colloidal cobalt

  • Helps against fatigue, chronic exhaustion and anemia
  • Allergic reactions & hay fever
  • Brain activating, protects nerve cells
  • Regulates and controls hormone production
  • Affects cognition and mood
  • Helps against lack of concentration
  • Degrades homocysteine and activates folic acid
  • Necessary for the formation of red blood cells (erythrocytes)

Range of application for colloidal cobalt

  • Especially important for vegans, is the biologically relevant substance of vitamin B12
  • Against lack of concentration and driv
  • In chronic gastrointestinal diseases
  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • With strong alcohol consumption
  • Blood formation & oxygen transport

What is colloidal cobalt / cobalt?

Real colloidal cobalt is very fine cobalt particles that float in water and do not form a compound with the water – in contrast to ionic cobalt solutions (electrolytic production). The size of the individual particles is between 1 and 20 nanometers (1 nm = one billionth of a meter). The particles of this liquid dispersion can be produced by various manufacturing processes, which, depending on the process, have a significant impact on the properties, bioavailability and quality. Learn more about the application and dosage of colloids in the FGS info portal.

Manufactured with high voltage plasma process

We at Trimedea have chosen the complex high-voltage plasma process with 10,000 volts. Because only with this high quality technology, when used correctly, we achieve the best possible quality of colloids: smallest particle size, highest energy content, optimal bioavailability, long shelf life, suspended state. It is more effective, more energetic, more durable, does not form compounds with other substances, does not lead to deposits and is overdose-free.

Our offer for your health

Colloidal cobalt from Trimedea is available in violet glass bottles in two sizes: 100 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml.

Colloidal cobalt for your health:​
Choose premium quality fromTrimedea

High energy, durable, potent, bioavailable: Vital trace element
Manufactured from 99.99% pure metal using the high-voltage plasma process

Note on the purchase of colloidal cobalt

Colloids may not be declared as food, dietary supplements or medicines. The products are simply sold under the term “colloidal cobalt”. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the indication of the manufacturing process. It provides important information about the quality, particle size, concentration, bioavailability, colloid energy and shelf life.