Booster for effective
and fast learning


Sango Pur: Sango Meeres Koralle in optimaler Bioverfügbarkeit

Learning through the skin:
For quick relaxation, meditation and superlearning​

With the IQ Balancer, we are realising a long-cherished dream. The small, innovative device combines various proven technologies and offers you valuable help for:

  • Effective and stress-free learning
  • Learning during sleep
  • Brain hemisphere synchronisation / alpha state
  • Physical and mental balancing
  • Activation of the vagus / parasympathetic nervous system
  • Faster relaxation and meditation states
  • Effective recording of audio and video learning content

We were inspired by the developments and work of Patrick Flanagan (Neurophone), Georgi Lozanov (Superlearning) and Vera F. Birkenbihl, the effects of pink noise, fast learning methods and the synchronisation of the left and right brain hemispheres.

The IQ Balancer generates biocompatible signals that can be used without additional devices or audio content. In just 20 minutes you can achieve deep physical and mental relaxation. Thanks to the externally inaudible ultrasound frequencies, your mind enters the alpha or theta state in a short time. Sleep disorders are alleviated, stress states are dissolved. This also allows you to easily absorb languages and other learning content.

The IQ Balancer can be used as a stand-alone device and in conjunction with external audio devices and microSD cards.

Audio and video content:
Complex topics – communicated in a simple and understandable way

Efficient use of consciousness and subconsciousness

Instead of making learning content available to our brain only over a very limited range, we use the huge range of our subconscious mind with our audio and video content. The findings of scientists such as Patrick Flanagan, Martin Lenhardt, Georgi Lozanov, Vera Birkenbihl, and terms such as Accelerated Learning, Sacculus, Superlearning, Neurophone, Learning via the Skin, Learning in Sleep, Language 10 x Faster Learning have been occupying us for more than 20 years, and play a significant role in the development of our learning content and the IQ Balancer.

Our audio content is created as uncompressed, high-resolution audio files at 48 kHz. Both the conscious and subconscious mind are addressed simultaneously, so that our audio content can find its way into our lives effectively and quickly.

IQ Balancer Teaser

Our audio files (as download or microSD card) are created in the highest audio quality, taking into account natural biological laws and synergies. The aim of this audio experience is to achieve the alpha state, and the synchronisation of the right and left hemispheres of the brain after 20 minutes. The change in vegetative regulation and brain frequencies (alpha state) towards an increase in parasympathetic activity can be felt – and measured: with an EEG (electroencephalography) and HRV (heart rate variability), gold standard in medicine and science.

What is Pink Noise?

Pink Noise is a broadband noise in which all frequencies between 0 and 30,000 Hz are played simultaneously. The entire spectrum of pink noise is perceived by our body and processed by the conscious and subconscious mind. After 15 to 20 minutes, an immediate relaxation, change in brain waves and frequencies towards the alpha state can be measured. Pink noise can be combined and superimposed with natural sounds, e.g. a flowing stream or the sound of the sea.

The IQ Balancer tunnel effect

The shortest path of information through the skin directly into the subconscious: This is the tunnel effect. All normal transport routes – i.e. the ways in which information reaches the consciousness with its filters as audible sound waves via the ears and bone conduction – are bypassed = tunnelled. The messages, signals and information reach the subconscious directly through the skin via the shortest and fastest path past the mind.