Detox and vaccine elimination

for efficient detoxification and cleansing processes

Detox and Vaccine Elimination: Colloidal Metals from Trimedea

Your Detox Power Set to increase detoxification performance and vaccine cleansing

The carefully selected combination of these colloids increases the detoxification performance and vaccine removal in our body.  The five colloids tantalum, copper, zinc, gold and germanium complement each other perfectly to activate the body’s own protective and detoxification mechanisms and to accelerate repair processes. Increased blood circulation, oxygen uptake and energy production as well as the binding and elimination of vaccines and harmful excipients are the goal of this Detox combination.

Increased sleepiness as a result of this Detox cure is a good sign of beginning repair and detoxification processes. Please drink plenty of pure and low-mineral water (Plose, Lauretana or reverse osmosis with UMH water activation) to support the elimination processes.


The benefits of the Detox & Vaccinations Power Set:

   1 x Gold: Balances and harmonizes psyche and hormonal system.
+ 1 x Tantalum: Activates the elimination of various harmful substances (vaccinations, poisoning, etc.)
+ 1 x Copper: Increases antioxidant enzyme metabolism, protects and rejuvenates
+ 1 x Germanium: Improves blood circulation and oxygen supply in cells and organs
+ 1 x Zinc: Important basic building block for repair and protective activities of cells

Kolloidale Metalle von Trimedea

Power-Set Detox & Vaccine Detox (5 x 1 liter): Instead of 570* only 369 Euro
Buy 5, pay 4: We give you the most expensive colloid for free!

The small Power Set (5 x 0.5 liters):
Instead of 370,50* only 243,00 Euro
You save more than 34 percent!

What are colloidal metals and how do you take them?

Real colloidal metals are very fine metal particles that float in water and do not form a compound with the water – in contrast to ionic solutions (electrolytic production). The size of the individual particles is between 1 and 20 nanometers (1 nm = one billionth of a meter). The particles of this liquid dispersion can be produced by various manufacturing processes, which, depending on the process, have a significant influence on the properties and quality. You can learn more about the application and dosage of colloids in the FGS info portal.

*Total gross price of the bottles in retail sale