Skin & Anti-Aging


Beauty that comes from within

Skin & Anti-Aging: Colloidal Metals from Trimedea

Your Power Set for youthful freshness

The combination of carefully selected colloids can do a lot of good for our body.  The five colloids gold, silver, copper, germanium and zinc complement each other perfectly for replenishing our body’s stores: they refresh our cells, improve blood circulation and speed up many metabolic functions that slow down with age.


The Power Set Skin & Anti-Aging – a true fountain of youth:

   1 x Gold: Has a rejuvenating and mood-lifting effect.
+ 1 x copper: Provides structure and elasticity of bones, connective tissue and blood vessels
+ 1 x Silver: Accelerates cell repair processes and stem cell formation
+ 1 x Germanium: Increases blood circulation, microcirculation and oxygen supply
+ 1 x Zinc: Helps with skin and hair problems

Kolloidale Metalle von Trimedea

Power Set Skin & Anti-Aging (5 x 1 liter):
Instead of 540* only 347 Euro
Buy 5, pay 4: We give you the most expensive colloid for free!


The small power set (5 x 0.5 liters):
Instead of 351* only 225 euros
You save more than 35 percent!

What are colloidal metals and how do you take them?

Real colloidal metals are very fine metal particles that float in water and do not form a compound with the water – unlike ionic solutions (electrolytic production). The size of the individual particles is between 1 and 20 nanometers (1 nm = one billionth of a meter). The particles of this liquid dispersion can be produced by various manufacturing processes, which, depending on the process, have a significant influence on the properties and quality. You can learn more about the application and dosage of colloids on the FGS info portal.

*Total gross price of the bottles in retail sale