AQUNA Osmose Light electricity-free: Osmosis Water Filtration System with UMH Water Activation


Osmosis water filter with water activation. Without tank, pump or electrical parts

The AQUNA Osmose Light system consists of:

  • 1 x 10 inch exchangeable pre-filters (SED 1μm).
  • 1 x RO filter unit (2 x 350 GDP membrane, 1 x carbon pre-filter)
  • Remineralization cartridge
  • UMH water activation complete with hoses and adapter
  • Optional: Aqua-Stopp available here in the shop
  • Application range: 2.76 to 5.52 bar on cold water line
  • Without pump and electrical parts
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Lieferzeit: 3-7 days

The innovative electricity-free reverse osmosis water filter system AQUNA Osmose Light with UMH water activation is installed in the existing pipe system with the supplied branch adapter (3/8 or 1/2) at the angle valve (cold water pipe). Depending on the line pressure and water temperature, 1.2 to 2.3 litres per minute of purest and activated osmosis drinking water are produced per RO module. The change interval depends on the water input quality: 10 inch BIG pre-filter 3 to 6 months, RO membranes (2 x 350 GDP) 2 to 4 years. An additional metal-free 1-way or 3-way water tap (if not already available) is necessary for the use of this system. An optional ⅜-inch branch dishwasher set is available in the shop.

Minimum/maximum operating conditions 10 inch pre-filter SED: Inlet pressure: 2.5 to 6 bar Inlet temperature: 4.0° C to 40.0° C Minimum/maximum operating conditions Osmosis unit Inlet pressure: 2.76 bar (40 psi) to 5.52 bar (80 psi) Input temperature: 40° F (4.44° C) to 100° F (37.78° C) Input TDS: 50 mg/L to 2,000 mg/L Input hardness: 0 mg/L - (0 grain) to 171 mg/L - (10 grain) Input chlorine: 0 mg/L to 1.0 mg/L Input iron: 0 mg/L to 0.1 mg/L Input manganese: 0 mg/L to 0.05 mg/L

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