Basic Set Gold, Silver and Germanium

The combination of these well-known and proven colloidal metals gold, silver and germanium is unique both in price and in effects and effects.

Basic Set Gold, Silver + Germanium


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The Basic Set with Gold, Silver and Germanium:

1 litre of Gold: activation of brain power & pineal gland, hormone balancing, mood elevating, joint problems.
+ 1 litre Silver: activation of stem cell production, for inflammations, wounds, pain, parasites and germs
+ 1 litre of Germanium: heavy metal elimination, vision, improvement of blood circulation and oxygen supply
+ 1 x 100 ml Silver: acute remedy for injuries, wounds, inflammations, itching, disinfecting
+ 1 x 100 ml Gold: activation of the 3rd eye / pineal gland, removal of scars and energetic blockages
+ 1 x 100 ml Germanium: improvement of vision and microcirculation, relief of eye complaints


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