CDS – Chlorine dioxide 100ml in violet glass bottle with dropper cap


CDS – Chlorine dioxide 0.3% / ~3000ppm

Against pathogenic parasites, bacteria and various ailments there is a proven remedy that many people do not (yet) know: CDS (chlorine dioxide solution). It is highly effective against bacteria, “viruses”, fungi, parasites, mites, spores, algae, legionella and countless ailments. Due to its high oxidizing ability, CDS kills germs more effectively than conventional disinfectants or antibiotics without risks and side effects, as proven by worldwide reports and studies.

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What is chlorine dioxide?

Chlorine dioxide is a water-soluble gas consisting of chlorine and oxygen. The gas dissolves in water at a temperature below 11 °C, the resulting highly diluted (yellowish) liquid is then the CDS (chlorine dioxide solution). Chlorine dioxide (CD) disinfects and acts by oxidation without producing harmful degradation products. It decomposes into oxygen, water and common salt, which is completely harmless to the body.

You can find out more about the application and dosage of CDS in the FGS info portal. For more interesting topics click here.

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