Detox Set Vaccines and Heavy Metals to increase the detoxification processes of vaccines, vaccine additives and heavy metal compounds

This special combination of selected real colloidal metals is especially for detoxification and elimination. Vaccines, vaccine additives, various heavy metal compounds and other environmental toxins get into our bodies and lead to metabolic disorders and, in the long term, to deposits with further disorders.

Detox Set Vaccines & Heavy Metals – Colloidal Metals


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The detox set consists of: 1 litre Tantal: Elimination of heavy metal compounds, formaldehyde, other bio- and environmental toxins + 1 litre Copper: Strong antioxidant and regenerating effect, protects cell structures + 1 litre Zinc: Necessary for the formation of SOD (superoxide dismutase) and other antioxidant enzymes + 100 ml Copper spray: Moisturizes the skin, anti-inflammatory and skin regenerating, skin detox + 100 ml Zinc spray: Improves skin texture and skin protection, skin detox + 100 ml Silver spray: Acute and emergency remedy, analgesic and anti-inflammatory, disinfectant + 100 ml Germanium spray: Activates blood circulation and oxygen uptake, improves eyesight Read more information and further tips for successful detox in our info portal.


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