H2 Pur Molecular Hydrogen, multi-step energized in violet glass container – BFD 10-2025

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Molecular hydrogen H2 for immediate and multiple effects throughout the body

Hydrogen is the smallest and lightest element on earth. Two atoms combine to form an H2 molecule so small that when drunk in water it can reach any cell in the body, no matter how far away. Any cell membrane or other barrier is easily passed to deliver the energy to where it is needed. As a super antioxidant, is provides free electrons that neutralize the most harmful free radicals and oxygen radicals (ROS) quickly, effectively and selectively.

H2 Pur Molecular Hydrogen 10ppm, multi-step energized 30 tablets. Each tablet must be dissolved in pure water (or other liquids)!

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The source of our unique and exclusive H2 tablet is Japan. H2 Pur sets new benchmarks in the field of: amount of hydrogen released, multi-step energization and immediately noticeable effects in the body.

Advantages of H2 Pur Molecular Hydrogen

  • Smallest and lightest molecule which reaches every part of the body
  • Increase of physical performance / energy production
  • Faster regeneration after physical / mental activity
  • Helps with many different types of headaches
  • Improves disturbed digestive function
  • Effective and selective antioxidant (neutralization of free radicals)
  • Optimal anti-aging effects on skin, connective tissue and cell structures
  • Effect up to the mitochindria - mitochondriopathies
  • Over 300 studies show positive effects on almost every part of the body
  • No risks and side effects at recommended dosage
  • Best possible protection in violet glass

Daily dose depends on weight, age and other factors H2 Pur (dissolve tablet in water)
Recommended daily dose adult: 1 tablet
Detailed instructions on the use and dosage of H2 Pur and a video about H2 Pur can be found here.
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