Individual Set Colloidal Metals 3 + 1 free of charge

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3 x 1 litre colloidal metals as individual set + 1 litre free of charge of your choice

Choose a metal with 3 x 1 litre and get an additional 1 litre of your choice.

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You can find out more about the usage and dosage of colloids in the FGS info portal.

Manufactured using the high-voltage plasma process

At Trimedea, we have opted for the complex high-voltage plasma process with 10,000 volts. This is because only this high-quality technology achieves the best possible quality of colloids when used correctly: smallest particle size, highest energy content, long shelf life, suspended state. It is more effective, bioavailable, more energetic and durable, does not form compounds with other substances, does not lead to deposits and is overdose-free.