iQ Balancer: relaxation, meditation, superlearning and brain optimization


iQ Balancer: the direct way into the subconscious to release undreamt-of potentials

Fast and more effective relaxation, meditation, hypnotic work and superlearning. Inspired by the developments and work of Patrick Flanagan (Neurophone), Georgi Lozanov (Superlearning) and Vera F. Birkenbihl (brain-based learning).

Technical data:
Dimensions: 120x65x22 mm (length, width, height)
Battery: lithium polymer battery: 2400mA, USB-C charging cable

Signal generation:
Ultrasound analogue: 40,000 – 50,000 Hz low level
Pink noise digital: 1-20,000 Hz
2 x RGB LED as status display
4 buttons:
On/Off / Signal mode – Volume plus – Volume minus – Start / Stop audio


  • Ultrasound with and without audio signal
  • Ultrasound plus Pink Noise with and without audio signal
  • Headphone output audio signal
  • Headphone output audio signal plus Pink Noise
  • Transducer for transmitting the signals to the skin


  • MicroSD card, audio .wav (uncompressed), .mp3 (compressed),
  • USB-C cable, external audio player, phone, tables etc.

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We have listed the most frequently asked questions about the IQ Balancer - and the answers.
Here you can download the Operating Instructions for the IQ Balancer.

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