Power-Set Brain and Creativity – colloidal metals

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Your Power-Set for increased brain activity and creativity.

The combination of selected colloids can benefit our body and mind in many ways. The five “brain metals” gold, platinum, palladium, iridium and rhodium complement each other perfectly for replenishing our body’s stores to effectively boost brain power and creativity.

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Increase your cognitive abilities with the Power Set Brain & Creativity:
1 x Gold: Increases brain activity and IQ
+ 1 x Platinum: Activates the brain and increases memory function
+ 1 x Palladium: Strengthens creativity and positive thinking
+ 1 x Iridium: Increases and deepens concentration
+ 1 x Rhodium: Activates and improves brain metabolism.

Power-Set Brain & Creativity (5 x 1 liter):
Instead of 631 Euro* only 450 Euro
Buy 5, pay 4: We give you the most expensive colloid for free! 

The small set for beginners: 5 x 0.5 liters:
Instead of 410* only 291 Euro
You save almost 30 percent!


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