Power Set for skin elasticity, resilience and collagen formation

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Your Power Set for youthful freshness

A combination of carefully selected colloids to promote skin health, tone, elasticity, collagen formation and wrinkle reduction. In addition, soluble and therefore bioavailable silicon is the main key to fresher and healthier skin. For external use, Skin Repair can simply be sprayed onto affected areas of skin for acne, inflammation, burns, cuts and other skin injuries to reduce acute symptoms.

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Power Set for skin elasticity, resilience and collagen formation – a true fountain of youth:  
1 x 1l Colloidal Silicon: structure and elasticity of skin, bones, connective tissue, blood vessels
1 x 1l Colloidal Copper: skin care and skin moisture, enzyme and hormone production
1x 1l Colloidal Zinc: skin, hair and nails, enzyme and hormone production
1 x 30 g Silizium Pur: bioavailable and soluble silicon dioxide for skin elasticity, resilience, collagen formation, bone formation...
2 x 100 ml Skin Repair: spray bottle for external use for skin problems and injuries


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