Your Power-Set for improved blood sugar levels and healthy weight loss.

The five colloids gold, chrom, copper, vanadium and platinum complement each other perfectly to increase brain power and creativity. They regulate insulin metabolism, enzyme- and hormone production and reduce the “craving” for sweets.

Power-Set Weight loss and Diabetes – colloidal metals

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The benefits of the Power-Set Weight Loss & Diabetes:    
1 x Gold: Supports and accelerates detoxification processes.
+ 1 x Chrom: Regulates insulin metabolism and reduces the desire for sweets
+ 1 x Copper: Balances the activity of the thyroid gland
+ 1 x Vanadium: Lowers blood sugar, effective with chromium in diabetes
+ 1 x Platinum: Stimulates immune function and immune intelligence 

Power Set Slimming & Diabetes (5 x 1 liter): 
Instead of 455* only 362 Euro 
Buy 5, pay 4: We give you the most expensive colloid for free! 

The small power set (5 x 0.5 liters): 
Instead of 295,75* only 234 Euro 
You save more than 20 percent!


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