Power-Set Skin and Anti-aging – colloidal metals

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Your Power-Set for youthful freshness

The combination of carefully selected colloids can do a lot of good for our bodies.  The five colloids gold, silver, copper, germanium and zinc complement each other perfectly for replenishing our body’s stores: they refresh our cells, improve blood circulation and speed up many metabolic functions that slow down with age.

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The Power Set Skin & Anti-Aging - a true fountain of youth:  
1 x Gold: Has a rejuvenating and mood-lifting effect.
+ 1 x copper: Provides structure and elasticity of bones, connective tissue and blood vessels
+ 1 x Silver: Accelerates cell repair processes and stem cell formation
+ 1 x Germanium: Increases blood circulation, microcirculation and oxygen supply
+ 1 x Zinc: Helps with skin and hair problems

Power Set Skin & Anti-Aging (5 x 1 liter): 
Instead of 540* only 347 Euro 
Buy 5, pay 4: We give you the most expensive colloid for free!

The small power set (5 x 0.5 liters): 
Instead of 351* only 225 Euro 
You save more than 35 percent!


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