Refill 360g Zeolith Pur energized – particle size 6μm


Zeolith ultra fine powder activated & energised for best possible bioavailability

The structure and properties of zeolite volcanic rock have been known for many years and are very well studied in terms of binding and excretion of pollutants and as a structure-building element. With the understanding of the structure and properties, it is bio-logical to supply the body with a sufficient amount of zeolite and thus silicon / silicon dioxide on a daily basis to prevent deficiency situations. The binding of harmful substances (adsorption) and ion exchange are some of the important tasks in the body. According to our current knowledge, silicon is one of the most important elements (mineral/metal) for our body!

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Through a technically very complex process of reduction and UMH energisation, Zeolith Pur (95 % clinoptilolite, 5 % bentonite) works very effectively, through an enormously increased surface area for the binding and elimination of pollutants. A particle size of 6 micrometres (instead of 40 to 90 micrometres) is the prerequisite for systemic binding and elimination of pollutants and heavy metal compounds. Silicon is a structure-giving and structure-forming element for bones, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, skin, elastin and collagen fibres, vascular walls. It improves the effectiveness of heart muscle cells, conduction and energy formation. With its photo- and piezoelectric properties, silicon has much greater and more far-reaching effects in the body and metabolism than previously communicated (bio-photons, pump function).

Advantages of Zeolith Pur

  • Perfectly suited for detoxification / elimination of harmful substances such as aluminium, heavy metal compounds, environmental toxins, vaccine additives, etc.
  • Optimal bioavailability due to ultra-fine particle size
  • Best possible protection in violet glass
  • Additional activation and energisation with UMH technology

Use a plastic or wooden spoon, no metal! Please read: Important information on the use and dosage of Zeolith Pur

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