RMS L+ Lactic Acid Drops 2 x 200ml in violet glass bottle with pipette cap


Lactic Acid Drops for a healthy gut

To maintain or regain our health, RMS L+ supports you exactly where it is needed – in the gut, blood, cells and intercellular space. The dextrorotatory lactic acid RMS L+ from Trimedea ensures healthy intestinal flora and promotes natural metabolic processes when taken regularly. As a result, the lactic acid RMS L+ alleviates many kinds of complaints – even acute symptoms in the throat, pharynx and lung area.

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What is lactic acid, and how does it work?

The secret of RMS L+ lies in the balancing of the pH level of the blood and the manifold effects on our intestinal flora. Through the regular intake of high doses of L(+) lactic acid (at least 21%), the fermentation metabolism in the cells can be “switched“ back to the oxygen-dependent metabolism. In the intestines, this leads to an increase in the performance of our friends and helpers – the microorganisms (the microbiome).

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