RMS L+ Lactic Acid Drops Set 2+1: 2 x 100ml + 1 x 200ml in violet glass bottle


Lactic Acid Drops for a healthy gut

To maintain or regain our health, RMS L+ supports you exactly where it is needed – in the gut, blood, cells and intercellular space. The dextrorotatory lactic acid RMS L+ from Trimedea ensures healthy intestinal flora and promotes natural metabolic processes when taken regularly. As a result, the lactic acid RMS L+ alleviates many kinds of complaints – even acute symptoms in the throat, pharynx and lung area.

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What is lactic acid, and how does it work?

Chlorine dioxide is a water-soluble gas consisting of chlorine and oxygen. The gas dissolves in water at a temperature below 11 °C, the resulting highly diluted (yellowish) liquid is then the CDS (chlorine dioxide solution). Chlorine dioxide (CD) disinfects and acts by oxidation without producing harmful degradation products. It decomposes into oxygen, water and common salt, which is completely harmless to the body.  

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