Sango Pur sea coral 100g violet glass jar


Sango sea coral from Okinawa in 8 μm particle size and UMH activated for best possible bioavailability

Much more than calcium and magnesium: More than 70 trace elements are contained in the Sango sea coral from Okinawa – in an almost perfect, bioavailable quantity ratio for us humans. With the daily intake you achieve an optimal basic supply of all necessary minerals, trace elements and ultra trace elements.

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Through a technically very complex process of reduction and energization, we provide Sango Pur in the smallest particle size available - 500 percent smaller than most coral preparations offered. A particle size of 8 microns (instead of 40 to 50 microns) is unique on the market and is the prerequisite for optimal bioavailability, absorption and utilization in our cells.

Benefits of Sango Pur

  • Contains more than 70 of the 81 stable elements of our earth
  • Naturally optimal mixing ratio of the elements
  • Sustainable mining of millennia-old sango corals from Okinawa (no overexploitation!)
  • 100 % natural, without any additives, free of radioactive elements
  • Optimal bioavailability due to ultra-fine particle size
  • 500 % smaller particles than other sango coral preparations
  • Best possible protection in violet glass
  • Additional activation and energization with UMH and SET technology

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