Silicon Detox Basic Set with colloidal silicon and zeolite powder


2 sources of silicon: Effective and profound detox cure with colloidal silicon & Zeolith Pur

Real colloidal silicon (10 ppm, high-voltage plasma process) is quickly and completely bioavailable, combined with zeolite powder 6 μm (silicon dioxide) detox, detoxification and elimination becomes very effective. This silicon combination enables the effective elimination of aluminium, heavy metals, vaccine additives, glyphosate and many other harmful substances. Silicon is a structure-building element for bones, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, skin, vascular walls, elastin and collagen fibres. It improves the effectiveness of heart muscle cells, conduction and energy formation. With its piezoelectric properties, silicon also has much greater and more far-reaching effects in the body and metabolism than previously communicated.
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The advantages of the Silicon Detox Basic Set 4 x 1l colloidal silicon 10 ppm: heavy metal and aluminium elimination, structure formation, more vascular elasticity, energy formation, heart muscle performance + 100 ml colloidal silicon as a spray bottle: for skin, hair, nails, joints, bones, wounds + 2 x 180 g ultra-fine Zeolith Pur powder (particle size 6 μm) for the effective and holistic elimination of harmful substances

Application and dosage of colloidal metals can be found here Information, use and dosage of ZEOLISIL For more news and information go to Themenübersicht


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