<p>zeolite and silicon dioxide in ultra-fine particle size</p>

Silizium Pur: bioavailable silicon source and detox, UMH energised, pack for 2-4 months


Silicon dioxide as an ultra-fine powder for effective and natural cleansing processes and bioavailable silicon source

Silicon dioxide has unique properties and plays several important roles in metabolism: supplier of bioavailable silicon for structure formation, stability, flexibility and elasticity. Biophysical properties for energy conversion through its piezo- and photoelectric properties, transmutation of unnatural and destructive vibration patterns (pollutant information in body water / cell water) into constructive and natural energy fields. Optimal as a store, receiver and transmitter of information and bio-photons. Purification on all levels– body, mind and soul.

Silizium Pur 30g in violet glass container, UMH activated & energized, particle size 3.5 μm
Incl. 2 measuring spoons (approx. 15mg and 100mg)

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Through a technically very complex process for activating and energising the silica particles, the unique properties (UMH Energy Technology) for purification can take place on a material, spiritual-informational and energetic level. The particle size of 3-4 μm is very fine. The silicon, which is thus optimally bioavailable, is a structure-giving and structure-forming element for bones, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, skin, elastin and collagen fibres, vascular walls. It improves the effectiveness of heart muscle cells, conduction and energy formation. With its piezoelectric properties, silicon has much greater and more far-reaching effects in the body and metabolism than previously communicated. Read more about the importance of silicon for our body.

Advantages of Silizium

  • Perfectly suited for detoxification / elimination of harmful substances such as aluminium, heavy metal compounds, environmental toxins, vaccine additives, etc.
  • Individual dosage
  • Very large active surface due to ultra-fine particle size
  • Unique and measurable activation and energisation with UMH technology
  • Best possible protection in violet glass
  • Detoxification and cleansing for body, mind and soul

Daily dose depends on weight, age and other factors
Silizium Pur (powder): Recommended daily dose: 50-300mg

Detailed information on the use and dosage of Silizium Pur
More articles and information around detox on our FGS pages

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