Special Set Allergies & Hayfever

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Your Special Set Allergies & Hayfever 

The three colloids silver, cobalt and gold work together to counter acute allergic symptoms. For internal and external use for itchy and watery eyes, itching in the ears and palate or runny nose.

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Advantages of the Allergy & Hay Fever Special Set
1 x Silver: Increase in stem cell production, against inflammation and pain
+ 1 x Cobalt: Histamine blocker, nerve and brain regeneration, "vitamin B-12"
+ 1 x Gold: Mood-lifting, hormone and enzyme production, against allergies
+ 100ml Silver: Against itchy and watery eyes, ears, external injuries and inflammations
+ 100ml Kobalt: Against itchy eyes, ears and palate
+ 100ml Gold: For allergic reactions, for hormonal balance
+ 200ml RMS L+: Intestinal symbiosis, pH balance in blood and intestine

Special Set Allergies & Hayfever:
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