Special Set Anemia & Blood Formation – Colloidal Iron and Cobalt

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Colloidal iron for oxygen binding and transport, cobalt for blood formation

With a combination of these two metals, the reservoirs are quickly replenished – and at a unique price. The vital elements/metals enter the body in a bioavailable way and can be used quickly, even in the case of gastric and small intestinal disorders. Iron is absolutely necessary for the haemoglobin molecule so that oxygen can be bound in the erythrocytes (erys) and transported in the body. Cobalt (cobalamin, the main substance of vitamin B12) is of particular importance for blood formation as well as for brain and nerve metabolism.

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Advantages of the Special Set Anaemia & Blood Formation
3 x 1 l colloidal iron 10 ppm: oxygen absorption & oxygen transport, energy formation
2 x 1 l colloidal cobalt 5 ppm: blood formation, energy formation, allergies, nerve and brain metabolism, nerve regeneration
1 x 100 ml colloidal cobalt 5 ppm as a spray for allergies and nerve activation

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