Special Set Bones, Osteoporosis and Wound Healing

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Strengthens bone metabolism (osteoporosis) and accelerates wound healing after bone fractures

Colloidal silicon, colloidal gold, Sango coral (8 μm) and silicon dioxide (4 μm) in the smallest particle size for optimal bioavailability: This special combination creates the conditions for rapid and optimal repair processes in cases of increased bone loss, after bone fractures (e.g. femoral neck, foot and knee joint, arm, collarbone, jawbone, spine) and for callus formation.
Important information on understanding bone metabolism (cause and effect), especially on the misdiagnosis of “bone cancer” can be found here in this article.

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Advantages of the Special Set Bones, Osteoporosis and Wound Healing

  • 1l colloidal silicon, 10 ppm: important element for all structural tissues, especially bones
  • 1l colloidal gold, 10 ppm: activates the brain metabolism, for mood enhancement and more creativity
  • 300g Sango Pur: all important minerals in optimal quantity composition for bone metabolism
  • 30g Silizium Pur: silicon in the best possible bioavailable form for reconstruction processes after bone fractures
  • 100ml colloidal silver: spray for external use in wound healing of scar tissue, anti-inflammatory
  • 100ml colloidal silicon: spray for external use for wound healing, skin regeneration, scar tissue

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