Special-Set Brain & Burnout & Depression

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Special-Set Brain & Burnout & Depression to activate the nervous and brain metabolism, mood clearing and balancing of the psyche

This combination of selected colloids is especially suitable for the treatment of burnout and depression. Gold and platinum as “brain active” metals activate brain and nerve metabolism and cobalt as 100% bioavailable cobalamin “vitamin B12” protects, strengthens and regenerates nerve cells. This combination brings rapid mood elevation and activation of brain resources.

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The Special-Set Brain & Burnout & Depression consists of:
1 liter gold: increases brain activity, IQ, sensitivity and creativity, mood enhancing
+ 1 liter platinum: promotes concentration and creativity, calms psyche, reduces mood swings
+ 1 liter Cobalt: activation, protection and regeneration of nerve and brain cells (100% bioavailable "vitamin B12")
+ 100 ml Silver: acute and emergency remedy for inflammations, open wounds and disinfection
+ 100 ml Cobalt: Help for on the way with nervous weakness, allergic symptoms and epilepsy

Special-Set Brain & Burnout & Depression (3 x 1 liter, 2 x 100 ml):
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