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Special Set Shedding & Electrosmog for better protection against shedding phenomena, increased electrosmog and improvement of blood quality and properties.

This combination of selected colloids (copper, tantal and cobalt) is especially for better protection of the currently increasingly occurring shedding symptoms and increased exposure to electrosmog (5G etc.). Germanium and iron also improve the transport of oxygen and the formation of energy in the cells. Sango Pur serves as a basic supply of more than 70 elements of our earth in the best possible bioavailable form with 8μm particle size and optimal quantity ratio.

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The large Special Set Shedding & Electrosmog consists of:
1 liter of tantal: elimination of heavy metal compounds, vaccine additives, environmental toxins.
+ 1 liter copper: strong antioxidant and regenerative effect, protects cell structures
+ 1 liter of cobalt: protective function against shedding phenomena, protection and regeneration of nerve cells
+ 1 liter of iron: Improves blood circulation and oxygen supply
+ 1 liter of germanium: improves oxygen supply in cells and organs, heavy metal elimination
+ 100 ml cobalt: external protection against shedding phenomena, protection and regeneration of nerve cells
+ 100 ml copper: improves skin regeneration, skin moisture, finer skin texture + 100g Sango Pur: basic supply of minerals and trace elements

Special Set Shedding & Electrosmog (5 x 1 liter, 2 x 100 ml, 100g):
Instead of 655,70 Euro only 399,00 Euro
39% discount* on the normal price


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