Starter Set Brain Metabolism – colloidal metals


The Starter-Set activates brain metabolism, thought processes and blood circulation.

This starter set of selected colloids boosts up your brain, activates brain metabolism, promotes clarity and decision-making.  The three metals Germanium, Iridium and Rhodium complement each other perfectly for a refreshment of our body’s stores to boost brain power and activity as quickly as possible.

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Increase your mental activities and abilities with the Starter Set Brain & Oxygen:
+ 1 x Iridium: Increases and deepens concentration
+ 1 x Rhodium: Activates and improves brain metabolism
+ 1 x Germanium: Improves blood flow, oxygen utilization and energy formation of the nerve cells

Starter Set Brain Metabolism & Oxygen (3 x 1 liter):
Instead of 511 Euro* only 299 Euro
Buy 3, pay 2: We give you the most expensive colloid for free!
More than 41% savings!


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