Starter Set Detox, Structure Building and Mood Enhancement – Colloidal Metals


The Starter Set boosts the detoxification and repair processes in the body, especially in the case of exposure to vaccines and heavy metal compounds. It also activates brain activity and improves the structure of bones and blood vessels.

This extended starter set with selected colloidal metals, clinoptilolite zeolite and silicon dioxide revs up the detox metabolism and gives the brain more creativity and a noticeable mood boost.

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Boost your detoxification performance with the starter set Detox, structure building and mood enhancement:
1l x Tantalum: elimination of heavy metal compounds, formaldehyde
+ 1l x Copper: strong antioxidant and regenerative effect, protects cell structures
+ 1l x Zinc: necessary for the formation of SOD (superoxide dismutase) and other antioxidant enzymes
+ 1l x Gold: activates brain metabolism, pineal gland, creativity and mood enhancement
+ 180 g Zeolith Pur powder 6 μm: for binding and eliminating harmful substances and as a source of colloidal silicon
+ 30 g pure silicon: aluminium detoxification, bone structure building, vascular system


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