Starter Set Vaccine Elimination and Detox – Colloidal Metals

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The Starter-Set increases the detoxification and repair processes in the body, especially in cases of exposure to vaccines and heavy metal compounds.

This Starter-Set of selected colloids and Klinoptilolith-Zeolit revs up the detox metabolism, especially for current ailments caused by vaccines and vaccine additives. The three colloidal metals tantal, copper and zinc and Zeolith work perfectly together to bind and eliminate toxins.

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Increase your detoxification performance with the Vaccine Elimination & Detox Starter Set: + 1 x Tantal: elimination of heavy metal compounds, formaldehyde + 1 x Copper: strong antioxidant and regenerative effect, protects cell structures + 1 x Zinc: necessary for the formation of SOD (superoxide dismutase) and other antioxidant enzymes + 1 x Zeolith Pur powder 6 μm. Starter Set Vaccine Detox & Detox (3 x 1 liter + 180g Zeolith Pur): Instead of 317 euros* only 199 euros More than 36% savings!