Your Trimedea set as a 3-month offer with important basic minerals, secondary plant substances and unique colloidal metals to activate brain performance and creativity, oxygen and energy production of the cells.

The combination of selected Trimedea products work in synergy and provide the body with important minerals, trace elements, ultra-trace elements, secondary plant substances from 8 power berries as well as colloidal metals activating for brain metabolism.

TRIMEDEA-Set large 3 month pack

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Improve your basic supply with the best of our range in unique Trimedea quality:
1 x 1000ml colloidal gold: increases brain activity and IQ
+ 1 x 1000ml colloidal platinum: activates the brain, creativity and concentration
+ 1 x 1000ml colloidal germanium: oxygen transport, energy formation, heavy metal detoxification, microcirculation and better blood flow properties
+ 1 x 300g Sango Pur: Basic supply of minerals and trace elements
+ 3 x 250ml Berry Vital: the most valuable secondary plant substances from 8 power berries
+ 1 x 100ml colloidal silver: fast help for injuries, wounds and inflammations
+ 1 x 100ml colloidal copper: skin regeneration, skin hydration and finer skin texture

Trimedea set large 3-month pack:
Instead of 598.90 Euro* only 369.00 Euro
You save approx. 39 percent!