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UMH Alpha offers the possibility of energising water and other liquids especially for private use. The device is made of special brass, 24 carat hard gold-plated and fitted with a pyramid-shaped cut rock crystal.

Inside, handmade glass vials provide a highly stable energy field. The stand construction also allows you to energise bottled water and other liquids.

The UMH Live sphere mounted on the alpha can also be used together with a travel set when travelling and on holiday, to activate drinking water, shower water or water from the tap.


  • Clearing of pollutant frequencies
  • Improvement of cellular water and nutrient absorption capacity
  • Crystalline spring water structure
  • Stable bioenergies
  • Energisation of bottled water and beverages
  • Multiple energisation possible
  • Transfer of uplifting energies when drinking
  • Noticeably soft and fresh taste
  • No electricity, no chemicals, no magnets
  • Maintenance-free
Height in mm: 550
Height of Spout in mm: 340
Flow Rate Litre/min: 7
Weight in kg: 1,4


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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 55 cm


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