Vital Set Brain Metabolism, IQ & Creativity to activate the pineal gland, increase brain metabolism, IQ, creativity, intuition and perception

This special combination of selected colloidal metals is specially designed to optimize brain metabolism, activate the pineal gland, increase creativity, intuition, perception and regenerate nerve cells. The five metals gold, platinum, iridium, rhodium and cobalt complement each other perfectly to activate mental and creative abilities as well as to improve microcirculation in the brain.

Vital Set Brain Metabolism, IQ & Creativity – colloidal metals


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SKU: Vital-Set-Gehirn Category: The Vital-Set Brain Metabolism consists of: 1 litre Gold: Activation & detoxification of the pineal gland, hormone balance, brain metabolism, IQ + 1 litre Platinum: Increase creativity, solution finding and decisiveness + 1 litre Iridium: Regeneration of the nerve cells, increases concentration + 1 litre Rhodium: Activates and improves brain metabolism + 1 litre Cobalt: 100 % bioavailable "vitamin B12", brain cell activation and regeneration + 1 x 100 ml Germanium: Activates blood circulation and oxygen uptake, improves vision Read more information and tips in our info portal. 


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