Sango Pur: Sango Meeres Koralle in optimaler Bioverfügbarkeit

Sango coral from Okinawa: ideal for your health and longer life

Sango Pur in best Okinawa quality: vital trace elements in optimal bioavailability

Much more than calcium and magnesium: More than 70 trace elements are contained in the Sango coral from Okinawa – in an almost perfect, bioavailable quantity ratio for us humans. With the daily intake you achieve an optimal basic supply of all necessary minerals, trace elements and ultra trace elements.

Sango Pur is the basis of a well-functioning metabolism: As a pure natural product, it is optimal for our body, our cells, and their diverse tasks and metabolic activities. As the only one of the approx. 2,500 coral species, the Okinawa coral has unique filter and purity qualities.

Through a technically very complex process of reduction and energization, we provide Sango Pur in the smallest particle size available – 500 percent smaller than most coral preparations offered. A particle size of 8 micrometers (instead of 40 to 50 micrometers) is unique on the market and is the prerequisite for optimal bioavailability, absorbability, and utilization in our cells.

Sango Vital: Sango Meeres Koralle in optimaler Bioverfügbarkeit

The benefits of Sango Pur

  • Contains more than 70 of the 81 stable elements of our earth
  • Naturally optimal proportion ratio of the elements
  • Sustainable mining of millennia-old sango corals from Okinawa (no overexploitation!)
  • 100 % natural, without any additives, free of radioactive elements
  • Optimal bioavailability due to ultra-fine particle size
  • 500 % smaller particles than other sango coral preparations
  • Best possible protection in violet glass
  • Additional activation and energization with UMH and AIRVI technology

Sango Pur: Unique diversity of chemical elements

We have exactly 81 stable elements on our earth. More than 70 elements are contained in the sea coral from Okinawa – in an almost perfect, bioavailable quantity ratio for us humans. And we cannot do without any of them: Every element, no matter how small, fulfills important functions in our metabolism.

Bioavailability: The finer and smaller the particles, the more effective

Most preparations offered have a particle size of 40 to 50 microns – Sango Pur has a particle size of only 8 microns! Our 500% finer powder can be much better absorbed by the human body, which significantly improves bioavailability. The manufacturing process to produce such small particles is technically more complex and more expensive.

Convince yourself of the quality of Sango Pur: Available in two sizes, in practical containers of light-proof violet glass of 100 grams and 300 grams. We recommend taking 3 x 1 gram daily (1/3 teaspoon, do not use a metal spoon!): Dissolve the powder in sufficient water and drink it in a short time. The small glass corresponds to one month’s requirements, the large glass contains your ration for 90 days.

No overexploitation of living Sango corals!

What is good for man must not harm nature: That’s why we never use coral harvested alive. Sango Pur’s is fossilized coral millions of years old. When harvesting, only fossil parts are taken that have already detached from the coral reefs. They are harvested directly from the seabed at a depth of 50 meters, under the supervision of the Japanese Environmental Protection Agency.

Sango Pure for your health:
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Ultra-fine particle size (8 microns)
for optimal bioavailability