Detox & Vaccine elimination

Our “small” Set for vaccine elimination and heavy metal detoxification

Starter-Set: Impfstoffausleitung und Detox

This starter set increases detoxification and repair processes in the body, especially in cases of exposure to vaccines and heavy metal compounds

This starter set of selected colloids and Sango coral revs up the detox metabolism, especially for current ailments caused by vaccines and vaccine additives. The three colloidal metals tantalum, copper and zinc work perfectly together to bind and eliminate toxins. Note: Drink plenty of pure water preferably activated osmosis water or alternatively Lauretana, Plose or other low mineral water. The Sango coral offers in addition all necessary quantity and trace elements in a perfect mixing ratio – for an optimal detox metabolism.


Boost your detoxification performance with the Vaccine & Detox Starter Set:

+ 1 x Tantal: elimination of heavy metal compounds, formaldehyde.
+ 1 x Copper: strong antioxidant and regenerative effect, protects cell structures.
+ 1 x Zinc: necessary for the formation of SOD (superoxide dismutase) and other antioxidant enzymes…
+ 1 x Songo Pure: provides 73 of the 81 stable elements in a bioavailable form.

Kolloidale Metalle - Impfstoffausleitung von TRIMEDEA

Starter Set Vaccine & Detox (3 x 1 liter + 100g Sango Pur):
Instead of 317 Euro* only 199 Euro
More than 36% savings!

What are colloidal metals and how do you take them?

Real colloidal metals are very fine metal particles that float in water and do not form a compound with the water – unlike ionic solutions (electrolytic production). The size of the individual particles is between 1 and 20 nanometers (1 nm = one billionth of a meter). The particles of this liquid dispersion can be produced by various manufacturing processes, which, depending on the process, have a significant influence on the properties and quality. Learn more about application and dosage of colloids in the FGS info portal.

*Gross total price of the bottles in single sale