The use of UMH devices in the house, flat or when travelling brings about a lasting reorganization of the physical structure of your drinking water and the extinguishing of negative vibrations. This is achieved through a highly effective oscillation field. The tap water passes through the UMH device, which has been geometrically shaped according to the findings of sacred geometry as well as Schauberger and in which there are very effective, stable energy fields in the form of glass cartridges and gemstones.


  • UMH erases pollutant frequencies
  • UMH transmits positive vibrations
  • UMH reduces the calcification of the pipes
  • UMH restores the original spring water quality and structure
  • The water becomes optimally cellular again

The effect of the UMH technology remains undiminished, even with widely branched pipe networks and long service lives. UMH water treatment enables you to have drinking water of spring water quality in your own home. As a result, you achieve fitness, well-being and true living comfort.

„Water has a memory
like an elephant“

Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang Ludwig

Physicist / Biophysicist

Today, our water is exposed to very strong stresses, such as:

  • Toxins
  • Pollution
  • Electrosmog
  • Radioactivity etc.
UMH Master - Speziell für Ihren Hauptwasseranschluss


Supply your flat or your entire house with high-quality energized water. The UMH Master was specially developed for connection to the main water pipe. The device, made of special brass, is equipped with a special gemstone composition. In addition, a hyperbolic flow cycle and handmade vials inside the unit ensure a highly stable energy field. With this built-in device, you can enjoy the benefits of natural spring water quality from any tap in your home.

Areas of use

Flat and house / For the main water connection

UMH Live

From connection to the common tap to combination with table-top filter to use in a travel set: with UMH LIVE, UMH offers a device with unique versatility. Made of special brass, the device has a pyramid-shaped cut rock crystal set in it.

The handmade glass vials made of borosilicate glass provide a highly stable energy field inside the device. You can choose between refinement with rhodium and 24 carat gold. In addition, the UMH Live units all have a water-saving aerato, which saves additional water and heating energy.

Areas of use

Shower and bath / Faucet / On-table filter / Travel kit / Garden connection

UMH Pure - Speziell für Trinkwasserfilter