TRIMEDEA-Set small – monthly pack

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Your Trimedea-Set for the most important basic substances, secondary plant substances and brain-activating metals.

The combination of selected Trimedea products work in synergy and provide the body with important minerals, trace elements, ultra-trace elements, secondary plant substances from 8 power berries as well as performance-enhancing colloidal metals for brain metabolism.

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Improve your basic care with the best of our range in unique Trimedea quality:  
1 x 1000ml colloidal gold: Increases brain activity and IQ.
+ 1 x 1000ml colloidal platinum: Activates brain activity, creativity and concentration
+ 1 x 100g Sango Pur: Basic supply of minerals and trace elements
+ 1 x 250ml Berry Vital: the most valuable secondary plant substances from 8 power berries
+ 1 x 100ml colloidal silver: fast help for injuries, wounds and inflammations

Trimedea-Set small monthly pack: 
Instead of 270,80 Euro* only 189,00 Euro 
You save approx. 30 percent!