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For a Healthy Body and Mind

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Colloidal Metals - manufactured with 10.000 V high voltage plasma process

Colloidal Metals for Your Health

Vital trace elements for important processes in your metabolism: Colloidal gold, silver, platinum and other important metals have been used successfully for centuries for various symptoms and complaints. Our focus is on precious metals and catalytically highly active metals that are particularly important for brain and enzyme metabolism. Manufactured using the high-quality high-voltage plasma process for optimal bioavailability.

Booster-Starterset Kolloidales Metall

Special Offers and Sets
Compiled According to Bio-logical Themes

The combination of selected colloids can do a lot of good for our body. That is why we offer special sets for different topics: Three to five metals plus other products from our range are specifically matched to each other in order to unfold the full effect for your health in synergy. And the best thing is that you always get the most expensive colloid free of charge with the sets.


Zeolith Pur:
For internal cleansing and
natural detoxification​

Perfect for detox and elimination of pollutants such as aluminium, heavy metal compounds, environmental toxins, vaccine additives etc.

Sango Koralle in 8 μm Partikelgröße

Sango Coral from Okinawa:
Ideal for Your Health and a Long Life

Sango Pur in the best Okinawa quality in 8μm particle size: More than 70 vital trace elements are contained in the Sango sea coral – in an almost perfect, bioavailable quantity ratio for us humans. With daily intake, you achieve an optimal basic supply of all necessary minerals, trace elements and ultra-trace elements.

Berry Vital - berry high concentrate, secondary plant compounds with R+ lactic acid

Concentrated Berry Power in Berry Vital

Detox drink with berry power for beauty from within. Highly concentrated from 8 power berries and R+ lactic acid, perfectly matched with very high antioxidant capacity – without preservatives, sugar or sugar substitutes, nanotechnology or genetically modified ingredients.


CDS Against Bacteria, Parasites and Fungi – for Your Health

There is a proven remedy against disease-causing parasites, bacteria and a wide variety of ailments: CDS (chlorine dioxide solution). Due to its high oxidising capacity, CDS kills germs more effectively than conventional disinfectants or antibiotics without risks and side effects, as worldwide reports and studies prove.


RMS L+: Lactic Acid Drops for a healthy gut

To maintain or regain our health, RMS L+ supports you exactly where it is needed – in the gut, blood, cells and intercellular space. The dextrorotatory lactic acid RMS L+ from Trimedea ensures healthy intestinal flora and promotes natural metabolic processes when taken regularly.

Aqua Naturalis

AQUNA Water Filtration Systems for Healthy Drinking Water

Our modern water filtration systems provide you with fresh drinking water every day: pure, tasty and energised. They safely remove pollutants such as heavy metals, bacteria, fungi, spores, fluoride, chlorine, nitrate, drug residues and many other substances. AQUNA filtration systems are easy to install, economical, cost-effective and save a lot of money – every month.

UMH Energy

Protection From Electric Smog, Interference Zones and Shedding Phenomena with UMH ENERGY

Holistic answer to today’s environmental situation based on quantum physics: UMH ENERGY has been tested many times by scientists, doctors and therapists and is recommended against exposure to radiation or electromagnetic interference fields.

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Kolloidale Metalle von Trimedea

Selected products for your health: We will be happy to advise you, in detail and without obligation. We look forward to your mail or your call!

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