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Delivery and delays

We only deliver by mail order. It is not possible to collect the goods yourself. Shipping costs are added to the indicated product prices. You can find out more about any shipping costs during the ordering process after entering your delivery address. More about this in our GTC.

Questions about your delivery / complaint

1. delivery of the colloids in winter in a very cold state. What needs to be considered?

If you receive your colloids in a cold state, simply allow them to warm up slowly at room temperature. The energy that was “extracted” by the low temperatures (the metal particles are still in the sealed bottles!) is added back through heat. To shorten the time, place the bottles on or next to a heater. Under no circumstances should you heat the colloids directly in the microwave or on an induction hob!

2. goods have arrived according to DPD status. However, you have not received the shipment:

Fill in the PDF with the legally binding declaration for DPD, sign it and send it to us by e-mail so that we can make a complaint to DPD. Without this signed declaration, we cannot accept a complaint about the shipment!

3. goods have arrived damaged or faulty. How should you proceed?

If you discover a defect in the goods delivered by us, please write an e-mail (see form below) to with a description of the defect and – if possible – photos (of the goods and packaging) on which the defect is recognizable so that we can get an initial picture. We will then get back to you as soon as possible with an answer on how to proceed.

Please note: To ensure that you do not suffer any damage and receive flawless goods as quickly as possible, we will generally send you new goods immediately – regardless of whether a complaint to DPD has been or will be successful.

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