H2 Pure energized - molecular hydrogen for your health

H2 Pur: Molecular hydrogen against oxidative stress

The smallest molecule can work wonders in the body. It increases energy production and therefore performance. You regenerate faster after physical and mental activity, it is effective against many types of headache. In addition, H2 Pur balances a disturbed digestive function and neutralizes free radicals. As a natural antioxidant, it shows excellent results as an anti-ageing agent.

Molecular hydrogen against premature ageing, for more energy

Two atoms combine to form an H2 molecule that is so small that, when dissolved in water, it reaches every cell in the body, no matter how far away. Any cell membrane or other barrier is easily overcome to deliver the energy to where it is needed. As a super antioxidant, it provides free electrons that neutralize the particularly harmful free radicals and oxygen radicals (ROS) quickly, effectively and selectively.

For immediate and diverse effects throughout the body

In addition, H2 Pur is multi-level energized. The molecular hydrogen H2 Pur sets new standards in this area: it releases a high quantity of hydrogen, with multi-level energization and immediately noticeable effects in the body. The source of our unique and exclusive H2 tablet is Japan.

Convince yourself of the quality: H2 Pur comes in a practical and attractive container made of light-proof violet glass, with 30 tablets. Each tablet must be dissolved in pure water (or other liquids)!

Dosage information: For H2 Pur we recommend taking 1 tablet daily. Detailed instructions on the use and dosage of H2 Pur can be found on the FGS information portal.

You can read more about the properties of molecular hydrogen on the FGS information portal.