ZEOLITH PUR: For internal cleansing and natural detoxification

Microporous volcanic rock with diverse tasks and functions in the metabolism. Effective detox – pure zeolite makes it possible: the natural volcanic rock improves our ability to safely and effectively rid the body of harmful substances, environmental toxins and heavy metals.

ZEOLITH PUR in ultra-fine particle size

The main component of the high-quality zeolite is clinoptilolite, with a proportion of 95 % and 5 % bentonite. The silicon/silicon dioxide contained in zeolite is a structuring element that is vital (essential) for our body and has many other fascinating functions in addition to binding and eliminating harmful substances.

The special thing about Zeolith Pur is the fineness of the powder and its unique activation and energizing properties. This significantly improves the effects and effects, once again – compared to non-energized zeolite. Thanks to a technically more complex process to reduce the size of the particles to 6 μm (full range: 1–24 μm), the powder has an enormously increased surface area and cation exchange capacity of more than 200 meq per 100 g. This makes it particularly effective for binding and removing harmful substances.

A particle size of 6 micrometres (instead of 30 to 90 micrometers) is the prerequisite for optimal detoxification of harmful substances and the supply of valuable minerals in ion exchange for our metabolism.

Basics, functions and applications of zeolite:

The oldest healing, rejuvenating and beauty remedy known to mankind

The structure and properties of volcanic rock have been known for many years and have been very well studied with regard to the binding and elimination of pollutants and as a structure-forming element. Even Hippocrates, Avicenna and Paracelsus successfully used zeolite and the silicon it contains in medicine. It is considered the oldest healing, rejuvenating and beauty remedy known to mankind.

Zeolite is a structure-giving and structure-forming element for bones, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, skin, elastin and collagen fibres, vascular walls. It improves the effectiveness of the heart muscle cells, stimulus conduction and energy production.

With an understanding of the structure and properties, it is bio-logical to supply the body with a sufficient amount of zeolite/clinoptilolite daily to prevent deficiencies and decreasing flexibility and elasticity, especially in old age. According to our current knowledge, silicon is the most important mineral in our body, which is why we call it a master element.

Advantages of Zeolith Pur

  • Perfectly suited for detoxification / elimination of harmful substances such as aluminium and heavy metal compounds, environmental toxins, vaccine additives, etc.
  • Enormous increase in surface area like a porous sponge due to ultra-fine particle size
  • Additional activation and energization with UMH technology and thus also cleaning of pollutant information
  • Best possible protection in violet glass

Bioavailability: the finer and smaller the particles, the more effective

Most of the preparations on offer have a particle size of around 30 to 90 micrometers – Zeolith Pur has a particle size of just 6 micrometers! The much finer powder can be used much better by our body for its main task of binding and excreting harmful substances. The manufacturing process to produce such small particles is technically more complex and cost-intensive.

In addition, Zeolith Pur is UMH-activated. The silicon dioxide contained in zeolite can also use its special properties as a receiver, storage and transmitter of information and frequency patterns for an energetic cleansing of unnatural vibration patterns and pollutant information.

Convince yourself of the quality of ZEOLITH PUR

You can obtain it from Trimedea in a practical container made of light-tight violet glass, containing 180 grams. Information on use and dosage can be found here. And you can read more about the power and properties of zeolite on the FGS information portal.

Are only zeolite products with medical certification recommended?

Certification as a medical device is no guarantee of good product quality and/or safety. Even non-certified zeolite products can meet the highest quality criteria. There is only one difference: non-certified products are usually cheaper, as the time-consuming documentation with product master files, description of internal processes for quality assurance, external auditors and a whole host of other additional projects and costs are no longer necessary.

This is confirmed by the many scandals involving certified medical products such as silicone implants, prostheses and pacemakers, as well as countless “best-tested drugs” that were withdrawn from the market after a very short time without a sound due to massive side effects. The old saying among certain manufacturers still applies today: “In the past, ‘crap’ was produced and sold, today it is ‘certified crap'” ?

We have established and maintained several quality management systems over the years. Not only DIN EN 9001 was implemented, but also DIN EN 13485, a quality management system for medical products. So we know exactly what we are talking about.

The quality, impact and effectiveness of products is not achieved through certificates, but through innovation, quality awareness, critical thinking and inventiveness.