AQUNA Osmose Light water filter system

Osmosis drinking water: free from harmful substances, tastes like fresh and energized spring water, elementary for the various tasks in our body and metabolism


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Minimum/maximum operating conditions 10 inch pre-filter SED:
Inlet pressure: 2.5 to 6 bar
Input temperature: 4.0 °C to 40.0 °C

Minimum/maximum operating conditions osmosis unit
Inlet pressure: 2.76 bar (40 psi) to 5.52 bar (80 psi)
Input temperature: 4.44 °C (40° F) to 37.78 °C (100 °F)
Input TDS: 50 mg/L to 2,000 mg/L
Input hardness: 0 mg/L (0 grain) to 171 mg/L (10 grain)
Input chlorine: 0 mg/L to 1.0 mg/L
Input iron: 0 mg/L to 0.1 mg/L
Input manganese: 0 mg/L to 0.05 mg/L

Dimensions osmosis module – horizontal or vertical installation
Height: 52cm
Width: 28cm

The innovative currentless reverse osmosis water filter system AQUNA Osmose Light with UMH water activation is installed in the existing pipe system with the supplied branch adapter (3/8 or 1/2) on the corner valve (cold water pipe). Depending on the line pressure and water temperature, 1.2 to 2.3 liters per minute of ultrapure and activated osmosis drinking water are produced per RO module. The replacement interval depends on the water input quality: 10 inch pre-filter 3 to 6 months, 1 x activated carbon filter 12 months, RO membranes (2 x 350 GDP) 2 to 4 years. In the event of prolonged absence, a manual flush should be carried out for 5 minutes after 14 days at the latest (friends, family, neighbors…). Incl. 9V Aqua Stop System. An additional metal-free 1-way or 3-way tap (if not already available) is required to use this system. An optional branch dishwasher set with ⅜-inch is available in the store.

Osmosis water filter with UMH water activation, without tank, pump or electrical parts

The AQUNA Osmose Light system consists of

  • 1 x 10 inch replaceable pre-filter (sediment PP 1μm)
  • 1 x RO filter unit (2 x 350 GDP membrane with integrated CTO activated carbon filter)
  • Remineralizing cartridge
  • UMH water activation complete with hoses and adapter
  • Application range: 2.76 to 5.52 bar on cold water pipe
  • Without pump and electrical parts
  • incl. 9V Aqua Stop System
  • No automatic flushing during longer periods of absence!

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Our reverse osmosis drinking water system AQUNA Osmose Light provides you with fresh, pure, tasty and energized drinking water every day. It safely removes heavy metals, bacteria, fungi, spores, fluoride, chlorine, nitrate, drug residues and many other harmful pollutants.

The advantages of an osmosis drinking water system speak for themselves. All chemical metabolic reactions of our up to 60 trillion cells take place in an aqueous environment. The quality of the water and fluids we consume every day has a significant influence on the quality of the supply of nutrients to our cells and the cleansing and removal of metabolic waste products.

If we look at the criteria for clean and pure water in nature (rainwater, surface water, water from springs, streams and lakes), to which we humans, animals and plants have been accustomed for thousands of years, the following characteristics should be fulfilled:

  • pH value: 6.5 to 7.0 (measure of the protons in a liquid)
  • Redox value: 26 – 27 rH (measure of electrons in a liquid)
  • Resistance value: greater than 6,000 ohms or less than 130 μS (electrical conductivity of the substances/ions in the water)

Advantages of AQUNA Osmose Light currentless

  • Purest osmosis water, filter fineness 0.0001 μm
  • Currentless, without electrical components such as a pump
  • No disturbing noises in the kitchen
  • Pre-filter sediment (1 μm) and activated carbon block to protect the osmosis membranes
  • Osmosis drinking water is UMH-activated/energized
  • Detectable formation of hexagonal water structures

Further advantages

  • Very low costs for biologically perfect water
  • Perfectly suited for baby food
  • Ideal for making tea, coffee and soups
  • Animals love this pure and activated water
  • Increase & activation of detox/detoxification processes
  • Improvement in physical and mental performance

How does an osmosis / reverse osmosis membrane work?

The tap water with a high proportion of foreign substances and salt concentration is pressed against a semi-permeable membrane at tap water pressure (2.75 to 5.5 bar). The pore size of the membrane is so small that only pure water molecules can pass through it (0.0001 µm). Other foreign substances such as hormones, drug residues, bacteria, viruses, salts, nitrates, chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, radioactive substances, etc. are much larger and do not pass through the small pores.

These substances are continuously discharged into the wastewater. On the pure water side, there is only pure water and very small ions. The 2 x 350 GDP membranes used in the AQUNA Osmosis Light can produce the purest osmosis water without a booster pump. This means that no electrical parts are required. In addition to pure water, reverse osmosis systems always produce waste water, which is fed into the siphon’s waste water pipe. Find out more about reverse osmosis in our FGS info portal.

Installation diagram and connection details

You can use our AQUNA Osmose Light drinking water system without electricity very variably and adapt it optimally to the respective conditions (under the sink). Basically, the transparent 10-inch filter serves as a pre-filter for sediment (1 μm, replaceable filter element) to protect the osmosis membranes.