RMS L+ Right lactic acid

Lactic acid for pH balance in blood, intestine and tissue. 200ml in violet glass bottle with dropper cap

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What complaints and symptoms does RMS L+ help with?

  • Metabolic disorders
  • With high meat and sausage consumption
  • Allergies and stress Symbiosis control after antibiotic therapies
  • Beginning symptoms of “colds” / “infections”
  • For chronic pain
  • And for many other complaints …

What is lactic acid and how does it work?
The secret of RMS L+ lies in the balancing of the pH value in the blood and the diverse effects on our intestinal flora. By regularly taking high doses of L(+) lactic acid (at least 21%), the fermentation metabolism in the cells can be “switched” back to the oxygen-dependent metabolism. In the gut, this leads to an increase in the performance of our friends and helpers – the microorganisms (the microbiome). With an understanding of nature and biology, many complaints can be alleviated in harmony with nature.

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