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The SEIDU is here! Get involved in this individual research project!
Regeneration of body, mind and soul for a healthy and self-confident life in balance.
Change easily, gently and quickly! The audio program no. 1 “Soul Journey” on micro SD card is included as standard.


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Technical data:
Dimensions: 120x65x22 mm (length, width, height)
Battery: Lithium polymer battery: 2400mA, USB-C charging cable

Signal generation:
Ultrasonic analog: 40,000 – 50,000 Hz low level
Pink noise digital: 1-20,000 Hz
2 x RGB LED as status display
4 buttons:
On/Off / signal mode – volume plus – volume minus – start / pause / stop / next track audio



  • MicroSD card, audio .wav (uncompressed), .mp3 (compressed)
  • Ultrasound with and without audio signal
  • Ultrasound plus pink noise with and without audio signal
  • Headphone output audio signal
  • Headphone output audio signal plus pink noise
  • Transducer for transmitting the signals to the skin


  • MicroSD card, audio .wav (uncompressed), .mp3 (compressed)
  • USB-C / 3.5mm jack audio cable, external audio player, phone, tablets etc.

Inclusive SEIDU audio program “Soul Journey”

Inspired by the work of Dr. Michael Newton (Life Between Lives), Varda Hasselmann (Worlds of the Soul) and the experiences from countless hypnosis and reincarnation sessions that we have conducted over decades of work with our clients.

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