Audio podcast communication laws “My bad friend Fred”

In this podcast, we learn about the criteria of the success and failure cycle in communication. We experience cause and effect in the area of communication without having to bend ourselves, attend video or rhetoric courses or use manipulation techniques. It’s much easier and less stressful – in short, bio-logical.


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Getting to know Michael Gorsolke ‘s“The Laws of Communication” in 2006 was one of the greatest enrichments in my life – both privately and professionally (Silko Günzel).

By understanding these connections, we have the opportunity to experience more joy, happiness and success on a daily basis and are motivated to master life’s challenges. Recognizing the patterns in oneself and others is very quick and offers space, above all, for changing one’s own thought patterns (= cause).

All the details of the laws are covered in detail in the 31 chapters of the podcast. A detailed PDF with all the content for reading and reference is also included. You can choose between a male voice and a female voice – after a free audio sample, of course. For this project we were able to recruit two professional speakers with very convincing voices: Eva Herzig and Romanus Fuhrmann.

After listening to the podcast (several times), you will quickly realize: By applying these laws, life becomes much easier, more relaxed and, above all, with more feelings of happiness every day!

The audio files can also be brought into the subconscious at night during sleep via the iQ Balancer.

Our audio files (Micro SD Card) are created in high audio quality. The aim of this audio experience is to reach the alpha state and synchronize the right and left hemispheres of the brain after 20 minutes in order to bring information into long-term memory more easily and in a more relaxed manner