Calm in the storm Trimedea Edition

The program for acute emotional and biological emergency and conflict situations (Biological Laws of Nature) or in phases of life with high levels of stress.


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The SEIDU Audio Program No. 11“Calm in the Storm” is the program for acute emotional emergency situations and exceptionally high stress levels. It consists of a basic program and matching affirmations for the day and night in a continuous loop for self-programming on three separate micro SD cards. The aim of this program is to guide you into inner peace and enable you to recharge your batteries and feel ready to face acute challenges.

Calm in the Storm in the TRIMEDEA edition was spoken by Dia Reghenzi and Piero Reghenzi and developed by
Scope of delivery: 3 micro SD cards (audio program Calm in the storm (use in the evening and during rest periods), affirmations for the day (use in a continuous loop), affirmations for the night (use in a continuous loop)