Calm in the storm

Calm in the Storm (No. 11) – The program for acute emotional and biological emergency and conflict situations (Biological Laws of Nature) or in phases of life with high levels of stress
The aim of this program is to lead you into inner calm and to enable you to recharge your batteries and feel up to acute challenges so that you can then make new decisions with creativity in peace.


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The decisive advantage of the soul journey is that it enables you to perceive yourself as you really are. It paves the way for extraordinary experiences of consciousness. In doing so, you can discover the inexhaustible reservoir of your spiritual qualities and thus gain an inner certainty that you have all the resources you need to master the challenges of your life. The soul journey is also a hero’s journey, because it describes the greatness and dignity of your true being. You are so much more than you think you are!
The soul journey in the – trimedea edition was spoken by Dia Reghenzi and developed by
Application: Track 1 for falling asleep and resting (duration 53 minutes), Track 2 for starting the day (8 minutes)