UMH Master

Energized water for your entire home
Supply your apartment or your entire home with high-quality energized water. The UMH Master was specially developed for connection to the main water pipe. The brass device is fitted with a special gemstone composition. In addition, a hyperbolic flow cycle and handmade vials inside the device ensure a highly stable energy field. With this built-in appliance, you can enjoy the benefits of natural, spring-quality water from any tap.

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UMH Master Gold
Built-in appliance for apartment & house
incl. Kit, gold-plated

Important note: Due to the activation with UMH technology, noticeably less carbon dioxide (CO2) can be dissolved in this drinking water – it therefore becomes noticeably less fizzy when sparkling. Even trying to add more carbon dioxide for longer (e.g. with the Sodastream) does not lead to the usual result.

Why is that? UHM not only changes the water structure and water molecules into more hexagonal and crystalline structures, but also the basic properties and quality of the water. With the limited absorption of gas, the nature of water once again shows what is biologically sensible and what is not when it comes to drinking sparkling water.


  • Deletion of the pollutant frequencies
  • Crystalline spring water structure
  • Dissolves limestone and inhibits new formation
  • Reduces the need for detergent
  • Protects pipes and devices
  • Transfer of restorative energies when drinking, washing and showering
  • Noticeably soft and fresh taste
  • Without electricity, without chemicals, without magnets
  • Maintenance-free

Areas of application

  • Apartments
  • Single-family houses

Research results on the effects and impacts of UMH water activation can be found here – link

On the expert opinion on the hexagonal water structure of UHM, by Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig