UMH - Water in spring water quality
UMH - Water in spring water quality

Serving the water for over 25 years

The Institute for Water and Environmental Improvement, based in St. Urban/Carinthia, has been working intensively on the subject of optimum water quality for 25 years and has been producing high-quality water energization systems since 1995. It has always been the Institute’s aim to choose nature as its teacher and to explore God’s laws of creation at work in it and to apply them for the benefit of mankind.

UMH Hexagon water filter and water energization

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AQUNA Basic Duo 10 inch water filter

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UMH Live Rhodium


UMH Live Gold


UMH Pure


UMH Master

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UMH Heat

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Tap water modeled on nature

The use of UMH devices in your house, flat or when travelling has a lasting effect on the physical structure of your drinking water and eliminates negative vibrations. This is achieved through a highly effective oscillation field. The tap water passes through the UMH device, which was geometrically shaped according to the findings of sacred geometry and Schauberger and in which there are very effective, stable energy fields in the form of glass cartridges and gemstones. The deletion of pollutant frequencies has been clearly proven by Dr. Ludwig using scientifically recognized measurement methods.

With UMH devices, your drinking water is restored to spring water quality:

  • UMH deletes pollutant frequencies
  • UMH transmits positive vibrations
  • UMH reduces calcification of the pipes
  • UMH restores the original spring water quality and structure
  • The water becomes optimally cell-permeable again

The effect of UMH technology remains undiminished even with widely branched pipe networks and long service lives. UMH water treatment enables you to have drinking water of spring water quality in your own home. This gives you fitness, well-being and true comfort in life.

“Water has a memory
like an elephant”

Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang Ludwig

Physicist / Biophysicist

Today, our water is exposed to very high levels of pollution, e.g:

Toxic substances | environmental pollution | electrosmog | radioactivity, etc.

    UMH Energy
    UMH Energy

    Helpful protection against electro smog and interference zones

    It is well known that the use of cell phones, DECT phones, 5G, WLAN computer connections, etc. creates high-frequency electro smog / electro stress. For many years, experts and, more recently, the German Medical Association have been warning that electro smog poses an acute threat to health.

    UMH Energy Phone


    UMH Energy 45


    UMH Energy 300


    UMH Energy 180


    Cordless DECT telephones and WLAN computer networks bring your own mobile phone transmitter into your home and expose your body to high levels of radiation because these systems continuously emit high-frequency pulsed radiation. Even simple TV, radio and radio transmitters, transformer lamps, clock radios, dimmers, high-voltage power lines, etc. cause electro smog/electro stress.

    Among other things, electro smog can lead to sleep disorders, headaches, EEG changes, cardiac arrhythmia, dizziness, nervousness and chronic weakness. Heart attacks and cancer are also clearly associated with it.

    Especially the immature organism of children and people with a weakened body’s own defence system react conspicuously to this pulsed radiation. Many studies and research results have shown that cell damage is caused by cell phone radiation.

    Cancer frequency

    WLAN, Bluetooth technology and some SAT antennas use the 2.4 GHz frequency. According to the researcher Emilio Del Guidice, however, 2 additional frequencies are always stored as parallel frequencies in the water and body water. The above-mentioned parallel frequency of -22.5 Hz is stored in the body water. However, this frequency, which our organism uses as a resonance frequency in cell metabolism, has the wrong phase and is known as the cancer frequency.

    It dramatically hinders the metabolism. As a result of these findings, all drinks and foods that contain water are also contaminated and lead to potential damage to the body.

    With UMH ENERGY you get better health and less radiation exposure – at home
    and in the workplace!

    Optimal help with:

    • Lack of energy, loss of performance & tiredness
    • Concentration and immune deficiency
    • Depression, melancholy, grief and anxiety
    • Sleep disorders, burn-out and much more.

    The first signs of possible exposure to electro stress and geopathy are:

    • Morning limb and headaches, migraines
    • Tension, stress, fatigue, sleep problems
    • Burn-out, behavioural disorders of children, depression

    To protect against electro smog, the spatial magnetic field must be equalized by protective products. The UMH Energy achieves this balancing effect very impressively and comprehensibly.

    The UMH screens provide excellent protection against

    • Electro smog exposure caused by high-frequency radiation fields, UMTS transmission masts, W-LAN, Bluetooth,
    • 5G, radar, TV, radio and radio transmitters, air traffic, etc.
    • Cell phones, cordless phones, cell phone masts
    • Electromagnetic interference fields from computers, printers, electrical devices, etc.
    • Geopathic interference zones, water veins and the like.

    They are also used to neutralize and charge food and water when placed on a disc for at least 3 hours.