UMH Energy Phone harmonizes polluting mobile radio frequencies

To stick on the telephone. The daily use of mobile phones, DECT phones, WLAN computer connections and the ever-increasing high-frequency radiation (electrosmog) lead to permanent stress in the body. During the day and especially at night, it is important for our body to rest so that repair and regeneration processes can take place. UMH Energy is an additional protection against currently occurring shedding phenomena.

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UMH Energy Phone is used to protect against:

  • Electrosmog exposure caused by high-frequency radiation fields, UMTS transmission masts, W-LAN, Bluetooth, radar, TV, radio and wireless transmitters, air traffic, mobile phones, cordless phones, mobile phone masts.
  • Electromagnetic interference fields from computers, printers, electrical devices, etc.
  • Geopathic interference zones, water veins and the like

Expert reports on the effects and impacts of UMH Energy can be found here: Link


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